CUHK IGEM 2010--Bioencryption

Our Project

Data encryption and storage has always been an important branch of research in computer engineering. In our project, we explored the possibility of harnessing a biological system as an alternative solution for data en/decryption and storage. Using bacteria as the information storage device is not new. However the practicability of previous research is being doubt due to the limited size of information available to be inserted into the bacteria.


We recognized the current barricades in developing a truly useful system and we forecasted the indispensable modules that one would be anticipating when putting fantasy into reality. This year, we have proposed a model that is a true, massively parallel bacterial data storage system.


In addition we have created an encryption module with the R64 Shufflon-Specific Recombinase to further secure the information. Together with the data proof-read/correction and random access modules developed, our expectation is high - we believe this could be an industrial standard in handling large scale data storage in living cells.



Since March 2010, our team has been intensively working on this project. Learn more about our team members by visiting the team page.

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To better illustrate our project, we have created simulation software and modeled the bioencryption platform in silico. Click to read more.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong IGEM team would like to thank our generous sponsors. Click the read more link for more information.

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We enjoyed so much working on our project, and we had good time with other iGEM members in 2010 spring workshop. Come and have a look!

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We have created and submitted new biobricks, which can help keep your message SECRET and SAFE from prying eyes ! Click to read more.

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Know more about our work progress by browsing our NOTEBOOK! There are also lots of useful protocols for bacterial transformation.

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Project highlights

  • Massively parallel bacterial data storage system
  • Error tolerant data encoding/decoding system
  • Recombination module for data encryption
  • Ready for the exciting future of Biocomputer!

Countdown to iGEM

iGEM 05.11.2010 00:00 -619 Days

What's IGEM?

The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) is the premiere undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition.

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